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"You Never Regret Being Kind"


I read this quote by Nicole Shepherd online and found it very powerful for such a short statement. I therefore decided to turn it into a typographic poster. I have always been inspired by the work of Anthony Burrill and this big, bold typographic style can be seen in this poster.

Cut. Wrap. Measure.


This poster was for a project during my first year. We was given a task, in my case, I had to find the circumference of a circle using a couple of basic shapes given to me. I used a strip of paper, wrapped it around the circle then measured it to give me my solution. We then had to show how we got to this outcome in an abstract, visual way. This is where I got the slogan cut. wrap. measure. The hand written type juxtaposes the straight, organised lines and the large circle reflects the problem itself.

Social Media Addiction


This was a poster I made for an identity project. I was looking at how we identify ourselves with social media. In this piece I question whether social media is becoming an addiction.

"A Bad Morning Doesn't Mean A Bad Day"


This is a second typographic poster that I designed. The quote came from a lady who I overheard at a bus stop when explaining to a younger woman that just because she has had a bad morning doesn't mean that she has had a bad day. I found it truthful and postive, as I feel we all overuse the term "bad day”.

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