Movember 24 hour brief, encouraging men to check themselves and raise awareness for testicular cancer.

In March 2017, I took part in a 24 hour Brief with Movember. We had to to create anything, from online video content, to a national stunt that gets people talking about the issue and perform self-examination. The idea that we ended up pursuing was making an association between ‘nuts and bolts’ and genitalia. This turned into two outcomes, a poster and a video. Movember loved the idea and later got in touch asking if the video could be used on their social media page. The video currently has just shy of 10,000 views on Facebook and has been shared by Movember federations around the world.

Baby Bandits is a fashion brand designed for babies, toddlers and young children.

I have produced various pieces of work for Baby Bandits. This work includes illustrations of clothing for fashion designers, promotional videos for their social media accounts promoting their London fashion event and email invitations.

Mike Warne was a live collaboration project with marketing students at Bournemouth University.

Myself and a team of graphic design students created the branding and identity for an annual lecture series, The Mike Warne Event. The event explores immersive technologies and went live in March 2017.

One Upon A Time is an artwork project telling the story or different characters journeys in bringing their friends together for the perfect KFC feast.

This was a collaboration project with illustrator Bethany Lord. I provided art direction as well the copy for this project.

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Mike,

Who was never into sports or music alike.


He decided to learn something new

So he could feel like part of the crew.


He looked to find some common ground

Thought to swim, but was afraid he’d drown.


He picked up some sticks and attempted to drum

But all he did was any his mum.


He turned to his biggest love, he’s favourite food

Invited them round, he didn’t exclude.


It was the perfect night and on a budget

Himself, some friends, and a KFC bucket.

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Liz

Who wasn’t exactly your cooking whizz.


Every Saturday, she would play hockey

With her local team as her main hobby.


They would take it in turns to host a post-match meal.

But Liz couldn’t cook, and this was a big deal.


Her turn was coming, and she was scared

She wasn’t ready, she hadn’t prepared.


Then suddenly it came, the perfect idea

A can’t go wrong plan, she needn’t fear.


They all went back, dropped their bags and racket

and all ticket in, to a KFC bucket.