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Texting is now a part of our everyday lives. However, those with learning difficulties such as dyslexia can struggle with spelling and get certain words confused such as affect and effect. Check-Mate is an app that allows you to add the words you often misspell and simply suggests the correct spelling to you when texting. This enables the user to improve their spelling and become more confident.

Within the app, along with adding the words you confuse and misspell, you can also measure your progress. This is to motivate the user and allow them to see how much their spelling has improved. There is also a dictionary tab, allowing the user to look up the spelling or meaning of any words whenever they wish.

When texting, the words that the user struggles with will become highlighted in green. When the highlighted word is tapped, a popup bar simply suggests the correct spelling to you. You yourself choose whether you wish for that word, putting you in control. Over time, as the user continues to correct themselves, they could potentially learn the correct spelling of that word.

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