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Bestival Brief

AUB 24 is an annul extra curricular 24 hour brief held at the University. This year, the brief was provided and judged by Bestival. We was challenged to find a way of encouraging customers to throw away their litter and bring home their tents rather than leave it behind. We came up with the Flag Bag. A product that you can decorate and customise yourself on one side and has information that educates the user about the problem of waste left behind at Bestival on the other. The flag can then be worn, used, or tied to their tents. The flag also promotes our brand #BRINGITHOME which can be used on social media, allowing the customers to share their personalised designs and show their tidy camps. The four corners of the flag can then be pulled up by the corners and used as a bag so that the tents can be carried home in at the end of the festival rather than left. If the bag isn't wanted, then it can be used to collect rubbish and be returned to one of the waste hubs where customers can collect £10, a scheme that is already used at the festival.

frame for bestival jacob